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The Challenge
trend-analysisRunning a campaign is an important and complicated task. The process of tracking progress against plan and the timeline to reach key goals generates many questions from different sources. There is a critical need to have accurate data in one place that can be cut different ways to respond AND clearly communicate results to various involved stakeholders.

Key questions that arise often include:

  • Which groups are on plan, which groups are behind plan? For the ones that are behind plan, why are they behind plan and what do they need to do to get caught up?
  • Who were the large donors to our capital campaign?
  • Who were the targets that we approached but did not give?
  • How can I reconcile legal, vs. recognition, vs. directing, vs. campaign credit? Are we looking at results the right way?
The Solution
YTD-closesADVIZOR makes it easy to see all the data, and slice and dice it across various dimensions to quickly and easily get answers to these and other questions without going back to IT or Advancement Services for custom reports. And, with highly visual displays that readily communicate the stories the data is telling, it is easy to communicate the results to management.

The Result
ADVIZORs clients have:
  • Answered management questions rapidly...
  • ...often in real time in meetings as they are asked
  • Communicated results effectively
  • Reduced custom report loads on IT and/or Advancement Services by over 50%

Tableau Server

Predictive Analytics?

Fundraiser Solution Details

General Management
    Staff Performance
    Campaign Analysis
    Ad Hoc Reporting & Analysis
Leadership Giving
    Prospect Identification
    Prospect Management
Annual Giving
    Appeal/Email Targeting
    Volunteer Management
    Call Center Effectiveness
Member/Alumni Relations
    Events, Trips, and Clubs