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Ad Hoc Reporting & Analysis
The Challenge
Although the Advancement profession is dependent upon people, its absolute success is contingent on fundraising managers' command and control of their data and the ability of that data to provide them with flexible, dynamic insights into their operations

collaborationUnfortunately, most conventional reporting systems only deliver performance "snapshots". They don't answer the "why's" and "how's" behind the "snapshots" and as a result managers struggle to craft the strategies and tactics necessary to meet goals. The result is a "cycle of pain" in which key staff send a flurry of custom report requests to IT or advancement services. Those requests land in a backlog, with results returned in a week or two. The results drive more questions, which means more custom report requests... There is a better way.

The Solution
ADVIZOR enables Ad Hoc reporting and analysis that moves far beyond traditional approaches. Our Visual Discovery Dashboards deliver up-to-date, detailed information in a visual format that enables fundraising managers to:

  1. Conduct interactive data discovery and analysis in real-time
  2. Quickly identify what matters most
  3. Drill-down into operational metrics and details
  4. Discover the "stories" hidden in the data
  5. Develop case-specific action plans
  6. And do it all in a collaborative manner

constituent-listThe Result
With ADVIZOR, clients are able to:

  • Satisfy management's need for quick answers to questions
  • Significantly reduce the custom report load on IT and advancement services
  • Eliminate the "cycle of pain"

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Fundraiser Solution Details

General Management
    Staff Performance
    Campaign Analysis
    Ad Hoc Reporting & Analysis
Leadership Giving
    Prospect Identification
    Prospect Management
Annual Giving
    Appeal/Email Targeting
    Volunteer Management
    Call Center Effectiveness
Member/Alumni Relations
    Events, Trips, and Clubs